VELCRO® Brand Fasteners and NASA

Personal Hygiene Kit,
Space Shuttle, STS-95

Each astronaut packs a personal hygiene kit with products for cleanliness and grooming. VELCRO® fasteners hold the toiletries securely inside the case. John Glenn or another crew member used this one during the STS-95 Mission in 1998. The hygiene items displayed in and around the kit were carried on the first flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1981

Dartboard and Darts, Skylab

This is a duplicate of a dartboard set carried about the Skylab space station in 1973-74. It is made with VELCRO® NASA inspired fasteners to avoid the safety hazard of sharp-pointed tips.

Makeup Kit, Space Shuttle

Female astronauts may supplement their personal hygiene kit with a cosmetics case like this one. Secured closed with VELCRO® fasteners

Utility Tool Belt, Skylab

This is a duplicate of a tool caddy belt stowed on Skylab. A bit of VELCRO® fasteners on each tool permitted the item to be attached to the VELCRO® lined caddy or VELCRO® strips on the astronauts' pants - a tidy solution for managing small items in space