Rubber Adhesive Backed Hook and Loop Fasteners

DuraGrip® and VELCRO® Brand rubber adhesive backed hook and loop, also called peel and stick, or self adhesive hook and loop, adheres well to wood, metal, plastic and vinyl, among other substrates.

The DuraGrip® brand rubber based adhesive is a high tack adhesive with quick setup (reaches 80% bond strength in one hour, full strength in 30 hours) and an operating temperature range of -40 F to 190 F. This adhesive is also ideal for several substrates including plastics, metals, glass and vinyl.

The VELCRO® Brand PS0115 adhesive is a rubber based adhesive that’s formulated for many substrates and for uneven or rough surfaces. It is a high tack adhesive and sets quickly, achieving 80% bond strength after one hour and full strength after 30 hours. The temperature range for Sticky Back VELCRO® Brand adhesive is -40 F to 120 F and it is recommended for most room temperature applications.

There is also an acrylic based adhesive (0172).

Adhesive backed rubber products are tackier and adhere better to the following substrates: ABS, PVC, Acrylic, LSE Plastics. The acrylic adhesive withstands higher temperatures and holds up better to moisture.