Hook and Loop Coins and Dots

Bulk rolls of stick on VELCRO® Brand dots, also called adhesive backed circles, are hook and loop die cut circles lined on a plastic release liner for easy use.

DuraGrip® Brand hook and loop coins and VELCRO® Brand sticky back dots, are circles die-cut from a roll of rubber-based adhesive backed hook and loop. This process leaves adhesive backed circles on one continuous release liner. These circles can be used to adhere various items to boards, charts, folders and more. Most popular in the classroom, hook and loop coins are a vital piece of every teacher’s lesson plan.

VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® fasteners are kiss-cut circles cut from rolls of their PS0172 adhesive backed hook 88 and loop 1000. The process removes the excess material, leaving uniform circles adhered to a single release liner. These VELCRO® Brand coins are used in a ton of applications to hold items together. These small but strong fasteners are used to hold anything from laminated cards to sensors and devices like remote controls in place. Adhesive VELCRO® Brand dots are often used in schools by teachers for organization and in lesson planning.

Rolls of our Peel & Stick product, cut to length and mated together, may be one alternative to the VELCRO® Brand coins. We provide this service free of charge.

Hook and Loop are sold separately on the roll - be sure to order both sides if needed