Laser Tag & Paint Ball

  • Allows for Quick Suit-up
  • Logo Printing for Team Badges

These are sports that have become quite popular in recent years. VELCRO® Brand VELSTRETCH® is perfect for manufacturing laser tag head bands or custom arm bands. They are comfortable to wear and fit snugly. These straps are just one piece of equipment that goes a long way toward helping you to keep your valuable equipment organized and secured, while hook and loop clothing fasteners makes it faster and easier to get suited up for your session. Attach your name or a team logo with sew on look & loop fasteners. Do you have specific needs for straps? Contact one of our sales representatives today and tell us about it. We offer custom die cutting and will cut your product to length for free. Make certain you browse our inventory first, because chances are excellent that carries a product that will meet your requirements.

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