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DuraGrip Brand Hook and Loop Straps

Part Number: DS-D15F06
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We make straps in any width, any length and any color! We even logo imprint! Just submit our Custom Strap Form.

If you are looking for a sample to test out, try our Quick Sample service.

We offer four different varieties of hook and loop straps. All of the straps are made from a length of the loop side (the soft, fuzzy side) with a short portion of the hook side (the rough, scratchy side) attached at one or both ends.

All straps are made with the effective hook length of 2.25” (hooks are then cut to 2 ¾” to accommodate the weld).

This is the standard but we can make straps to any hook length requested on all custom strap orders.

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$100.00 minimum order for straps
10 yard minimum order
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